Welcome to
Brunswick Masters
Mudlarks Footy Club.

If youíre over 35 and would still like to have a kick, without the big weekly time commitment, WE WANT YOU!

Brunswick Mudlarks has three teams - Over 35s Supers, Over 35s Reserves, and Over 45s.
Our youngest player is 35, and our oldest is over 60.
Games are once a fortnight, played in the Vic Metro Superules FL, across Melbourne during winter.
Over Summer, we also run a much more inclusive form of Footy for Fun.
Bruny9s each Monday from 6pm in the cool of Melbourne's sea breeze.
The rules are slightly modified to prevent injury, and while itís footy for fun, at the Mudlarks we reckon winning is funner.
If you love footy, staying fit and
having a laugh, then the mighty
Brunswick Mudlarks is for you.
Have a quick read of the following and if youíre up for a run, grab the boots and come on down.
Ask one of the friendly blokes on the committee about how to get involved, or go to www.brunswick.mafv.com
President: Will Glenn
Secretary: Kevin Walker
kwalker999@hotmail.com m.0457-002-775
Vice-President: Tiger Hardy
Treasurer: Domenic Perrone
Overseer: Pete (Ming) Laming
plaming@tpg.com.au m.0403-597-979
Sponsorship Director: Nick Poli
Bruny9s: Andy Leonedas
andrewleonedas@gmail.com m.0412-401-640
Bruny9s: Big Roger Stewart
bigrog63@hotmail.com m.0425-730-636
Tim Ratcliffe
Weíre an evolution from the East Brunswick Football Club, which was founded in 1922.
These days weíre an over 35s club only, with no open age or junior teams to feed into our list.
In season 2014, the club had 76 regular players, plus another 25 who pulled the boots on on the odd occasion.
Our players are from 11 nationalities, and a wide range of occupations and skill level.
Some blokes have played VFL, others havenít played before.
Accordingly, youíll play against sides with an occasional superstar, a range of blokes who havenít had a run since Under age footy, plus everything in between.
Mudlarks football is fully umpired and accredited and governed by the National, and Victorian Metropolitan AFLMasters Football Leagues.
The rules are the same as open age AFL football with some variations to protect players from injury, and get to work on a Monday.
For example, players cannot raise their knees in a rucking or marking contest.
Only two players are allowed in the ruck.
Slinging is banned.
The umpires will penalize too vigorous play.
Our League enforces the green, yellow, and red card Send-Off-Rule.
Itís competitive footy but it is far less aggressive than open-age suburban footy.
Usually by the end of your match, you will have had a good chat with your opponent - itís that sort of footy.

The season is 11 fortnightly Sunday games, starting April, with finals in August-September.
(Away games are approx monthly against clubs across Melbourne).
The 35s games are 4x20 minutes quarters.
The 45s games are 2x20 and 2x15min quarters.

Over 45s start at 10.45
Reserves start at 12.45
and Supers start at 2.45.

Build your fitness during summer with our Bruny9s on Fleming Park.
All ages are welcome. Every Monday at 6pm. (except Xmas-Jan)
Bruny9s is a non-contact, nine a side form of footy on a 100m x 60m field.
We field 2 teams in the Castlemaine Masters9s Carnival in March.
Have a run and check us out, without any obligation to play in the season proper.

Our home ground is McAllister Oval, park St, Parkville. We train next door on Ransford Oval.
In Summer, we play Bruny9s at Fleming Park, Albert St, East Brunswick

We pride ourselves on our open-minded, mature environment thatís respectful of other blokes, their cultures, faiths and playing abilities.
The usual rules of decency apply.
We encourage you to bring your kids and partners to games - often kids will come to training to have a run with their dads.
And if your family are bored watching you run around like a goose, we have Mamma Fodgeís amazing Italian cooking to satisfy them.
Weíre also in high level talks about a jumping castle.

Each player must pay subs to register. This is usually $140 for subs for the year, payable at the start of the season.
In addition, it costs $20 per game to play.
Or you can pre-pay subs + game fees and save big time.
The Mudlarks have a policy to support blokes who canít afford to pay up front.
If this is you please contact our Treasurer Dom Perrone for a confidential chat.
Players may purchase club jumper, socks and shorts, which usually totals ~$70.
The Mudlarks is for blokes who have busy lives, with families and jobs, and so we understand that often youíll have other stuff on.
We cater for a full range of fitness levels, but we all need to be fitter, relatively speaking.
We start training from late November, on Wednesday nights from six, throughout the season.
Training is highly recommended because itís a chance to catch up with your teammates, and be mindful that, like all footy, the fitter you are, the more kicks you get and the less soft tissue injuries.
The club often uses alternative forms of training, as our bodies ainít what they used to be.
In the off-season we run an open age/mixed stretching/ Pilates training run every Wednesday, and during the year, we pay for Pilates nights at Back In Motion in Sydney Road.

Sponsorship may be tax deductible. Please contact our Treasurer Dom Perrone for details.

Injuries occur and because almost everyone at our age has private Health insurance, it is not worth us covering the whole club for player accident insurance.
Please organise your own health and ambulance insurance.
We roster at least two final-year Melb Uni physio students to attend each match and training run.
All pre-training and match strapping, physio, massage, drinks etc is free.